Established, 97-081 PEZA Registration
Start operation
ISO9001(QMS) certification
ISO14001(EMS) certification
Capital increased to 4,000,000 pesos
Capital increased to 50,000,000 pesos
4-units additional injection machine, additional 1-WEDM
Expansion Tooling section 450sqm, additional 1-unit CNC
Expansion Building 1,200sqm
15-units additional injection machine, additional 1-unit CNC
17-units additional injection machine, additional 1-unit
Expansion building 450sqm, 7-units additional injection machine
X-Ray Flouresence Spectometer(Jan)
New printing room (June)
16 units additional injection machine (July)
Expansion building 360sqm (July)
1-unit additional EDM (July)
2nd-injection molding room 600sqm (July)
Partnership with Yamato Industries (December)
Additional 8 units if Injection Machine (June)
280T x 2
260T x 1
120T x 1
110T x 4
Printing Room Expansion (December)
DQS ISO/TS 16949 2009 Certified (December)
DQS ISO 9001: 2008 Certified (December)


1.) To provide the customers with high quality products that they can rely on.
2.) To Establish an assurance of sufficient inventory of parts according to the requirements of the customers and to secure the Company's role of business partner to its customer.
3.) To establish a harmonious communication between the customers and the company and its supplier itself.


Ø Provide our customers with product that meet or exceeds their expectations.
Ø To establish an assurance of sufficient inventory of parts according to the requirements of the customers and to secure the Company’s role of business partner to its customer.
Ø To establish a harmonious communication between the customers and the company and its subcontractors as well.


High Standard (1) Quality Product Zero (0) on Customer Claim
Out-going Lot Acceptance Rate 99.99%
In-process Inspection Rejection Rate > 0.1%
On-time Delivery : 100%
Customer satisfaction thru Q C D : Rank A
Employees of Big Philippines Corporation are knowledgeable in terms of Good Quality Products


We dedicate ourselves to technical development and contribute to society by producing number 1 - quality products at reasonable price through efficient production methods and unique control system in which each of our employees of the company can participate.


We make high quality product, fast and low cost.
We always realize and pursue customer satisfaction.


We make high quality products, cheap & fast, the structure is shared when the earned profit is shared.
We aim to make a product that is recognized worldwide.
Management leads to practice respect for human being.


Stand up in customer's position and point of view, think and act. Make a fast decision and cope up with it on time. Always develop interest in work. Don't be afraid on changes, try it. Make an effort for everyday improvement. Do have a responsible behavior as a member of a society and as a member of a company. Dont forget to dream, hope and a fond adventure. Have a high goal, make a concrete plan and act on it. Always be sincere and considerate. Always be cheerful and positive, hold it with dream & hope and manage it with an obedient heart.


BIG PHILIPPINES CORPORATION, aims to be no. 1 in terms of Quality, Cost and Delivery by manufacturing high quality mould and engineering plastic parts. We aim to satisfy our customers by providing them with products that meet or exceed their requirement at the most competitive cost delivered on time. To achieve this we think BIG:
B - uilding customer satisfaction by keeping our workforce skilled with the technical know-how of our process and properly maintained machineries and equipment.
I - mproving quality management system continually and adherence to all applicable quality and safety requirements.
G - rowth of the company and employees towards our goals and commitments.


BIG PHILIPPINES CORPORATION makers of quality engineering mould and plastic parts is committed to protect the environment parallel to boosting its business operations by using products/services with lesser environmental impact. To achieve this, we will:

E - nsure compliance with applicable legal requirements and other requirements from which our company subscribe and promote optimization of use of resources.

M- itigate environmental impact by providing adequate knowledge to our employees for prevention of pollution and effective solid waste management.

S - et environmental goals and commitments that will be reviewed periodically to ensure continual improvement.